Our Conservatory

I have crossed paths, with stories, as dreams and even day dreams, before. Stories, to me, was something to be told, read or consumed, sometimes to loose oneself and sometimes to find my way out. One thing though is for certain, as distinct memory serves, stories have always been a part of my life. No wonder it brought me to choose work as story telling i.e films. It was a natural transition.

It wasn't until, I was weaved into a real story, that I came to realize, that story, was my story, our story. The weaver and mine. And then it dawned upon me that stories were no more a part of life, I am not merely being defined by stories, but it is life itself.

That's when I started to spot these dots, which when strung together started making beautiful sense. It was no more about a beginning, middle and end, but a forever story. Quite like our story.

Khurdurri is exactly that. Rhythms of thoughts, stitched together to make their own unique and absolute harmony. It is an ongoing journey of stories in different formats and mediums, old and new, explored and unexplored, lived and imagined.


Writer. Director. Producer. Creative Technologist

Sometimes, unknowingly a storyteller is part of his own story. This one spans 20+ years and across the myriad experience of Entertainment Media,Technology, Digital and the amalgamation of it.

Today life is all about stories.

Introduced to the big screen at the age of 4 was - Enter the Dragon. In that very moment film making was in grained in my being. Also with that, came the defining lesson of my life, from the legendary
Bruce Lee - "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own"

Well, this meandering journey is my own. And all that has been adapted is being translated into work of some form.

Today, every moment begins with an insatiable appetite for curiosity and the story continues.